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Deep blue and gold make for an unbeatable pairing. 


Take one look at gold-flecked lapis lazuli and it's no surprise that ancient Egyptians associated the stone with a starry night sky. Beyond this association, the stone has a storied history spanning civilaizations and cultures. Its name alone has origins in both Latin and Persian. A favorite of several ancient cultures, Sumerians were so enchanted by lapis lazuli that they believed that the spirits of their gods lived within the stone. Cleopatra even used the stone for eyeshadow! In the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was ground to make ultramarine blue paint. And in more recent history, the stone is associated with a royalty, strength, and wisdom. 


These earrings are handmade and contain natural stones. Color, size, and appearance may vary slightly.


Diameter: 1.4 in 


Materials: gold fill wire hoops, lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Hoops

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